Hair care solutions for longer, stronger, fuller, thicker hair!

For all those who love beauty and hair care, discover the best kept secret! Straight Arrow began by developing products for horses under the original name of Mane ‘n Tail so they could show long flowing manes and tails. Over the years and after achieving great results, the line took off only with an important twist—the horse to human factor. Soon, the secret was out, consumers everywhere were reaping the benefits that were so coveted by the horse-owners ‘in-the-know’

Since the early 90’s, the Mane ‘n Tail has become a global phenomenon into the hair care brands without forgetting its origin into the horse care industry.

Today, Mane ‘n Tail has developed solutions for all types of needs with its different lines like Original, Deep Moisturizing, Color Protect and Herbal Essentials.